Apps are the new landing page
A mobile app is like your website, with some added marketing advantages such as the ability to send push notifications.This concept is changing and will shift In the near future towards the mobile app being the equivalent of a landing page, not a website. A landing page is a single webpage, created for a specific goal and a specific offering. This is how mobile apps will be perceived within the context of digital marketing. I am currently working on adding mobile marketing even further in my real estate marketing.  Currently, I have options of making sure that the websites and tours I use are compatible and look great on mobile sites.


Mobile Apps for Lead Generation and Brand Awareness
Over the last two years, we have seen successful deployments of mobile-first strategies with quite a few major brands, retailers, airlines, and banks. This year, we will see a substantial amount of small and medium size businesses invest in their own mobile app for the purpose of lead generation and brand awareness.  A mobile app is a very strategic marketing asset. It’s a permanent presence of your brand on a very personal device of the customer. The apps for homes for sale such as Zillow, Trulia,, Homesnap are increasing in popularity and can be a great lead generator!
I use them all....
The Big Picture
The bigger picture here is that mobile marketing automation allows retailers and brands to engage with their customers across channels, from website to smartphones and tablets. And communication can now occur across the customer journey: at home, on the road, and many times do you see people on their cell phones, texting, looking for info and by the way don't forget the large number of people who sleep with their devices by the bed.



The internet is constantly changing and it gets complicated to keep up with it all. I understand the importance of Mobile Marketing, as more and more mobile devices are entering the market place.


We carry them with us everywhere, constantly check them, wear them on our wrists and sleep with them by the bed.

Text Message Marketing

Text message marketing is a great tool for reaching customers instantly, but done incorrectly, it can send your subscribers straight to the "opt out" button. One of the most important rules of text message marketing is that all businesses must first gain permission from customers to contact them via text. I try and use text messages for emergency and a way my family can contact me quickly. Right now I don't use it as a "marketing tool".