Home staging is more important than ever these days, when houses are not exactly flying off the shelves. "It's a tough market. We have alot of inventory of homes for sale in Garrett County. With us being a secondary market we face even greater challenges as well". The quicker I can sell your house the better. Quicker sales tend to lead to a higher sales price.
It's location, price and condition that gets homes sold. You can't change the location of your house. You can change the price--though you probably don't want to--or you can change the condition. It's totally under your control to change the condition, so why not do it? It's very inexpensive, and the return on investment is phenomenal.
I am available for a home consult if you are thinking about selling your home and need someone to go over ideas of what can be done to get your home in tip top condition. 
Simple staging techniques, such as decluttering and staging can result in a quicker and higher sale.I want my listings to show at their best. It sets your home apart from your competition. Many buyers are able to visualize changes that can be made to a home, but most see only what is right in front of them, right now. Home staging can start with decluttering and a deep cleaning of your home.
In 2013 Railey Realty took in another 200 plus listings. Buyers have many homes to choose from so it is important to make your home stand out from the crowd. I have had buyers choose a staged home that is the same model as an "unstaged" home and pay more for it! My staged listings sell faster than those that are not.  Make your home the shiny object that Buyers are looking for!
The photos below are old photos or photos taken with cell phones as there was limited time to get professional photos. However, they do show how important staging is to show off a property well.




"Did you know that Home Staging can lead to a Quicker Sale"?

The Importance Of Home Staging

HGTV filmed at Deep Creek Lake August 2015 and my listing at 17 Arrowhead is going to be shown.  So I hit the fast forward button and my co-worker and I decided to do some closet staging. I had nightmares that the filming crew would open the closets and knew that was not a good selling point!


Take a look at the next few photos to see how simple declutering and staging can make a  home look much better.

Here is another closeet that we straightened up....keep in mind that nothing was thrown away.
This room just needed a little something....So I purchased some nice ties and pulled back the blinds giving the room a new look.
The owner can now have the blinds drawn for night time but open during the day and for showings.
The owner purchased this furniture at a garage sell. She actually had a place for it, but it was so scratched up. So I put some MINWAX on it and WOW......
Look at the difference. This piece took about 2 hours to finish and well worth the effort. Take a look at the next photo to see what I did to this piece once it was refinished.
I re-purposed this piece. It was just loaded with "stuff" that really were not being used.
Since it was in the dining room I turned it into a serving and coffee bar.  The owner can now use the basket for plates, serve coffee or offer after dinner mints.
This is a bedroom that needed an updating.
 I flipped the double sided bed spread, added a colortul pillow and removed a few items.
It is just as important to have the outside looking well cared for.
The first impression for a buyer is when they pull up to the curb or front door.
This was done when HGTV used this property for one of there shows, Bargain Hunts.